Ardent Builders have proudly completed over 300 new build projects in Brisbane and surrounding areas. From premium free-standing homes to multi-residential developments and townhouse complexes, we take pride in effective communication, thorough planning and outstanding results. Talk to us about your vision and we can help design your home, or bring your own plans and we will work with you to create high quality properties.

Residential Builders Brisbane


It is Ardent Builders’ goal to create the home you have been dreaming of.

We’ll listen to your ideas before creating a timeline and plan for your build that is based on what we know works best.

We ensure that no concern or idea goes unheard, taking into consideration how your lifestyle will blend with your new home and how your choices will impact your budget.

To ensure your build happens smoothly, we assist in certifying your plans and helping you move forward to the construction phase. Ardent Builders will guide you through all technicalities and pre-build requirements to ensure quality and accuracy from the ground up.


Ardent Builders are the team to call on for residential developments, from townhouse complexes to medium density apartment blocks.

With extensive experience and high quality training, our team is more than capable of handling complex designs and construction ideas.

We have the knowledge and skills to complete projects on time and on budget, delivering qualities properties that stand up to the test of time.

Residential Builders Brisbane


Ardent Builders has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of home and business owners across the wider Brisbane area.

When you are onto a good thing, why change? Having previously used Matt and the team at Ardent on other new builds and renovations I would have no hesitation in recommending them. The build process on 104 Christian Street was smooth, comfortably completed within our timeframe and the home was well built to a high standard… the results speak for themselves. Matt and the team are professional, accommodating, knowledgeable and happy to work with you to achieve the result you want. Once again, we are thrilled with the house and look forward to working with Matt again soon. Cheers!

Helen MaClean

Top builders if you don’t use these guys to build your dream home you are missing out!

Justin Matson

I had the pleasure of selling 56 Tarm St, Wavell Heights which was built by Ardent. The campaign we enjoyed was a great indication of the quality of the build. We had well over 150 buyers inspect, numerous offers, a feature editorial and sold for a great price. The building inspection was conducted by the best and most thorough building inspector in QLD (regularly featured on Selling Homes Australia) and it came through the inspection with flying colours. Before selling the home I had not heard of Ardent, but after this sale I wouldn’t recommend any other builder as positively. This is by no way a paid testimony, this is simply honest feedback and I will happily discuss this with any one. My number is 0411572970 | Tristan Rowland, Principal of Place Aspley

Tris Rowland