How To Transformation From House To Home In 2019

How To Transformation From House To Home In 2019

You have aspired to it for years and came up with reasons about when it could be possible. This year, right now, is the perfect time to #transform your current house or living situation into the #newhome of your dreams. We are going to look at a 5-step process on how to get in now. Before we do, let’s understand the origins of your Australian Dream.

Since the 1800’s the Australian #Dream of home ownership has and continues to gain momentum. For 60,000 years, Indigenous Australians had been thriving in Australia before the colonists arrived. The colonists had the issue of overcrowding in their own country, specifically their jails and very few people owned land. As an incentive for more people to leave, they were offered the promise of freehold land. In the late 1800’s there was 44% home ownership in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. This was higher than anywhere else in the ‘developed’ world.

Those who had land were guaranteed the right to vote. Most blocks were a minimum of a quarter-acre, which enabled those who lived there to also grow their own food. In Europe, farms were outside of the city centre and residents would have to travel to the farms to get produce. Government marketing also espoused the merit of home ownership and having a mortgage. When the finance industry was deregulated in the 1980’s, it made it more affordable to transition from owner-occupied to an investor. This was especially advantageous since ownership nationally was near saturation at 70%.

By the 1990’s negative gearing became a ‘thing.’ Property prices increased faster than inflation while interest rates decreased. The legacy of #owning a home is a western idea that your freedom is inextricably connected to what you own. Logically, you know that isn’t #true, yet, you still want it. Here is a 5-step process to get on the path:

Step 1: Dream

This is the first step and one of the easiest. Without it, you are sitting behind the wheel of your car, blind and with no guide or map. As soon as you start to cultivate your desires for and create a mental image of what that looks like and can feel what you would feel when you have it, the universe has already created it for you.

Step 2: Accept

When your children ask for something, it is normal that you give it to them because you love them. It is similar with the Universe (more about that in another article). All of your desires are fulfilled congruent to your primary and persistent voice from your soul. That being the case, accept immediately, with fervent appreciation that your desires have been delivered on. For many, they decide to believe when they can see or perceive something with their senses. The challenge with this is that nothing can be brought into the vibration of your senses until it is first created and accepted energetically.  What will it mean for you when you have finally moved into your dream home?

Step 3: Visualise

Visualisation is not merely seeing something. To visualise, you also ‘feel’ it. The stronger the feeling, the more rapidly and expansively will be the experience. Have you ever noticed when you are thinking about purchasing a car that you see the car everywhere? This is your reticular activation system (RAS) at work. It brings to your reality the focus of your desires. Around this time, you may also start to meet with people who can support you with your dream and or develop your own ideas of the specific steps you will need to take such as contacting a new home builder.  Your builder will review your requirements, suggest best practices, support you to negotiate and or acquire land to build on and provide a comprehensive checklist or project plan with dates on the path to your new home. The visualisation process is active.

Step 4: Opportunities

You are now noticing that your opportunities are endless. Every desire is can be experienced and the limitations are constrained by your own dreams. As you review the project plan you and your developer have created together, what additional options do you see? Perhaps you can find a larger block or have a location closer to the water. Maybe you would prefer acreage? Once you have the plan, it is as simple as following the GPS to a destination you are unfamiliar with. The directions are not emotional. They just want to give you what you have requested and the Universe is similar. It doesn’t judge you or make you wrong. There is no morality involved. The only thing that matters is that you are in alignment with Source. Now the question is, when would you like to take your first step Now?

Step5: Action

Let’s say you intend to drive to a speciality grocery store you have not been to before. All of your friends have raved about it. You finally decide it is time to go. You are sitting, parked in your brand new car with the latest GPS that updates roads, traffic and construction data in real time. It is the best of the best. It has told you, it will only take 17 minutes to get to your destination. No matter what your intentions are, you will never arrive until you put your vehicle in drive. You have to take specific, appropriate, massive, action. The action has to be specific because your car will not drive unless you first turn it on. Appropriate action because you also have to put it into gear and have directions of where you want to go. Massive action is necessary because you have not been there before. It has not formed as a habit and you can not get there with what you have done in the past. It can take massive action to overcome what you think you already know about it. The short version, get in action now.

Wherever you think you are in your home purchasing cycle, speak with your builder. They will have traditional and creative financing options to support you in being on the path to moving into your home. The feeling you said you would have when you move in is a feeling you can create now. Accept that the blessing is now available and what that means to you and your family. Make an appointment with your builder today.

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