3-Steps to Your New Home in 90-Days or Less

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Purchasing your first home is an exhilarating experience and journey. While there is a lot of accountability, paperwork and validation, it is exceptionally rewarding. Leveraging the Law of Attraction, we are going to talk about how to attract your new home in 90-days or less.

Before we get into the steps, you want to understand your why. Why do you want to purchase your first home? Is it an urgent housing need? Do you have a story that you become a responsible person once you have a mortgage? Have you made it mean that having a house indicates you are contributing to society or that it makes you more attractive? Whatever your rationale, you want to be clear on your WHY. Without a passionate, purposeful WHY that is bigger than you, the journey cannot be completed successfully. For most people, a home is the largest investment they will make over their lifetime.  

The same creative force that manifested the sun, the universe and our planet is in you, in fact, it is you. Manifesting your first home is a lot easier than society would have you believe. If you can tap into what you truly are, which is nothing and everything, you are able to feel your first home is already available to you now. Please be aware that it is not actions or doing that makes a difference. It is always who you are being. If you are being abundance, then you get the fruit of that energy. Who you are BEING always comes before action and there are no actions you can take that can deliver a result contrary to who you are BEING. Let’s look at the steps.

Step 1: Acknowledgement and Appreciation

Your acknowledgement of your greatness and connection to the source starts the flow of possibility. As you start to appreciate this, in particular, your first home, magic start to become available. Even if the thoughts and feelings of having your first home are daunting, that is fine. Select thoughts and feelings that cause you to feel good first. Hold those thoughts and good feelings for a minimum of 30-seconds. As an example, perhaps you have a baby or have had one or know someone who does? Babies are always in the flow of what makes them feel good and focus on love. They are quick to communicate when they are not in the energy of Love. Their focus and attention is infectious and causes all around them to feel cherished. Use these feelings and similar to create your first home. Start doing the exercise as soon as you wake up in the morning and do it as frequently as you can throughout the day. The more you hold good thoughts and feelings of acknowledgement and appreciation of your new home, the law of gestation will manifest it shortly.

Step 2: Dancing

Celebrate your new home. Play music that makes you happy and dance at least once a day. Children are expert at visualisation. When they play, they see, feel, hear and experience what they are doing as if it is real. You will want to visualise while you are dancing. Sing often. It is impossible to be cranky when you sing. You know you are in alignment with source when you feel amazing. From fear, you can only create the fruit of fear which is the opposite of what you say you want. The source has no judgement on what you really want. It doesn’t listen to your words. It only hears what is truly in your heart or subconscious. This is where your truth is. Be mindful of where you are allowing your thoughts and feelings to go. The more you exercise the muscle of being aligned, the easier it is for you to manifest anything and everything. All of you is designed for abundance.

Step 3: Sharing

Create the possibility of your new home with those who Love and cherish you exactly as you are, not for what you do, or can potentially give them. Share in such a way that they in enrolled and able to take action in being your champion. Planting this seed geminates and propagates the law of gestation. As you create as an opportunity for others around you, it manifests for you. As an example, if you know someone else who would like to purchase their first home, champion them in creating it. Go to open homes and really appreciate the love and care people have put into creating where they live. Go to land and home package displays to visualise how it will feel to be in your new home. Have this as a weekly practice that is fun and causes your imagination juices to flow.

Finally, When you are selecting your builder, the first criteria is do you enjoy being with them? Does your soul say yes when you meet them and their team? This process is similar to courtship. You wouldn’t get married to the first person who looks attractive to you within the first 5-minutes of meeting them. You take time to get to know them and make sure they have your interests as their primary concern. Leverage the same care in selecting a builder because they are going to be in your life for the duration of your home. Avoid making a decision based primarily on price. Weigh the complete value from how they enable you to feel good about you. Money is energy and you have more than enough.

Ardent Builders specialises in custom builds in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Our focus is on the delivery of your dreams. Contact us for a friendly chat on how you can start the process from where ever you are at in your cycle of starting to research how your journey will unfold.

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