Top 5 Reasons Automating Your Home Saves You Money and Time

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Can you remember back in the day, before air conditioning was a thing, going to all your windows to open them up? The hope was that a cool breeze would bring some level of #comfort. Instead, it delivered hot, humid, sticky convection heat along with insects so determined to make their abode in your home. Good times.

We have evolved beyond those days. Now, you can come home to the perfect temperature, have your tunes queued up creating the perfect #ambience and lights turn on when you enter the room instead of you having to fumble about. The question is, does home automation make sense for you or is it mostly a fad that early adopters need so they can satisfy their shopping fetish?

It is not a fad and one of the biggest reasons is savings. This brings us to the first of the top five reasons automating your home puts money in your pocket:

  1. Utility Savings

    Contingent upon your carbon footprint, a family home can cost hundreds of dollars a month to operate. Because most smart solutions are accessible from your phone, you are able to program the power consumption of your home as well as manually turn things off and on. It is standard practice for home automation to provide you with real-time performance reporting and historical data so you can make an assessment on what is serving you and what kind of global citizen you are being.

  2. Safety and Security

    Many home automation solutions integrate security monitoring which lowers the cost of a standalone security monitoring system. If you can not remember if you left the garage door open, the convenience of checking your phone will save you a return trip home. From any device, you are able to see the integrity of your home and take appropriate action if anything has been compromised.

  3. Peace and Time

    Because your automated system takes care of the running of appliances, you are able to take advantage of more favourable utility rates. As an example, if your provider has an on and off-peak rate, you can have your home system run washers, dryers, dishwashers and similar appliances during off-peak rates. The #peace of mind in knowing that your system pays for itself and affords you more time to focus on the things you love, such as being with your family is invaluable.

  4. Environmental Contribution

    When your system is installed, an audit will be done on your home to understand the air exchange rate, insulation, lighting and so on. These are important because if your #home is not designed efficiently, it can negate the financial benefits of having a home automation system. When it is working properly, the system pays for itself by significantly lowing your energy consumption. Marry this with solar power and your home is close to having a zero carbon footprint. You live in comfort knowing your time on the planet is a contribution instead of taking.

  5. Education

    While this is not always a selling point, an aspect of being human is that we thrive as we remain curious and continually expand. Home automation gives you data that you can see your behaviours over time. Without being able to measure your actions, it can be challenging to increase #performance. Your automation can be configured to increase #oxygenation in your home which enhances cognition, immune system response and overall well being.

Home automation cannot solve everything. It is constrained by how well your home is designed. That is why it is always best to plan prior to a new construction build. It is best to be integral to the foundation of what is available as opposed to an add-on. Remember, it is to enhance your #quality of life. It deserves your utmost consideration. Connect with us for a consultation on building your smart home.

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